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Tärkeissä töissä - Doing Important Work is an initiative to develop working life

Doing Important Work is a joint working life development initiative of the labour market organisations. The organisations participating are the Local Government and County Employers KT and the main contracting organisations in the municipal and wellbeing sector (Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO, Public Sector Union Jau and the negotiation organisation for health and social care sector Sote ry). The labour market organisations fund the activities together and the initiative is coordinated by the working life development group Tekry.

In 2022, the negotiating parties drew up an agreement on developing working life. The agreement aims at:

  • Promoting the profitability and high quality of working life through the collaborative development of working life
  • Reinforcing the resources, long-term planning and systematic approach of working life development 
  • Consolidating the ability of the labour market organisations to co-operate on a long-term basis with different stakeholders as well as their preparedness to coordinate joint working life development projects
  • Supporting renewal of working methods and joint development work at workplaces in the municipal and wellbeing services county sector
  • Highlighting rewarding public work and its development, thereby boosting the attraction of the municipal and wellbeing services county sectors as well as improving the employer image and employee experience associated with them.


The Doing Important Work initiative helps workplaces in the municipal and wellbeing services county sectors to renew and develop while, at the same time, bringing visibility to rewarding public work. We offer webinars, workshops and networking events to support the development work. We utilise campaigns and multi-channel communications to bring visibility to rewarding public work. Check out Doing Important Work on X, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Our hashtag is #tärkeissätöissä.

Furthermore, we have a portal called Tekojen Tori    (Action Forum), where we collect large and small development actions from municipal organisations and wellbeing services counties. The most inspiring actions are awarded at the annual Doing Important Work gala.

The Action Forum portal is open for employees in the municipal sector and wellbeing services counties to share the development work they carry out at their workplace and to present the ways in which working methods or services have been renewed, developed and improved. Employees from all professional fields in the municipal sector and wellbeing services counties can share their development actions of different themes. The portal provides an opportunity to read about the development actions others have shared and use them as inspiration to develop one’s own workplace. In the beginning of 2024, there were more than 1,300 development actions in the portal, representing different fields and themes.

Join our events and share best practices at the Action Forum. Let's get inspired!